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The Sky Connection can help you avoid common mistakes beginners make in buying their first piece of equipment so you can focus on the astronomy experience. Our personnel can assist you or your organization in the selection of a new telescope or binoculars by reviewing each type of observing aid and its different use in astronomy. We review the optical principle and construction of each piece of equipment, viewing conditions for which each is best suited, what accessories such as eyepieces, mounts, tripods and filters, are available, what is important for different viewing interests, who are some manufacturers, and what are price ranges. We also review key viewing support material such as starmaps and planispheres.

Some of you may already own equipment, but never got around to using it or tried to without satisfactory results. We would like to help you! Often, just a little guidance from our knowledgeable staff can get you enjoying the night sky like never before.

Please contact us today about your requirements so you can start getting the most enjoyment from the exciting and rewarding hobby of astronomy.


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